Terms & conditions


Our Terms & Conditions can be downloaded here.

A summary of the most important things from our T&C’s*:

  • You get the vehicle clean and return it clean.
  • The position of the fuel meter is noted on the rental agreement, please return the car with the same amount of fuel.  The Atlas Kololi petrol station is nearby. Motorbikes are always handed out with a full tank.
  • 2 wheel drive cars  and motorbikes are allowed on all sealed roads (nationwide) and unsealed roads in residential areas (cities & towns). Rural unsealed roads are prohibited.
  • 4 wheel drive cars are allowed on all sealed roads and unsealed roads, but if there is no clear set of existing car tracks, it is prohibited to drive there.
  • All Rentacar Gambia vehicles have free technical support from our roadside assistance. Repairs may ONLY be done by Rentacar Gambia or after authorisation from our sales centre. This is because some of Gambia’s garages or so-called mechanics cause more problems than they solve: please, do not even let them touch the vehicle. Whatever the problem is, please call us first.

The renter is indemnified by our comprehensive vehicle insurance against damage on the vehicle:

  • by accidental collision/overturning or collision/overturning consequent upon mechanical breakdown/wear and tear.
  • by fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lightning or burglary, house breaking or theft.
  • by malicious act.
  • whilst in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift or elevator.

The renter is held liable for :

  • damage to the interior, windows, tires, roof and underbody. Fair wear & tear accepted.
  • damage caused by misuse, negligence or human error – for example: ignoring dashboard warning lights, burning a clutch when you get stuck in the sand, use of incorrect fuel, losing/breaking keys.
  • damage from immerging the vehicle in water or contact with salt water/salty beach sand/salty river mud.
  • damage sustained outside the area of use.
  • damage sustained while driven by a driver not identified on the rental agreement.
  • damage we cannot claim at the insurance or opponent. Without a police report the insurance will not pay, it’s the driver’s duty to get a police report in case of damage.
  • damage caused by incidents involving dangerous driving – for example: speeding, driving while intoxicated, falling asleep at the wheel or fatigue.
  • the compulsory excess conform the insurance.

* This summary is for your convenience only. The full Terms and Conditions will prevail to the extent of any inconsistency with this summary.