Our fleet


  • Budget transport in the coastal (tourist) area: Fiat Cinquecento.
  • Reliable 7-seater four wheel drives for going inland: Nissan Terrano II and Ford Maverick.
    (Nissan and Ford produced these identical cars as a joined venture, in fact the Maverick is 100% Nissan with just a Ford badge on it.)
  • Motorbike KTM Power K, a Chinese produced Cub-bike. 110 cc, 4-speed semi-automatic, top speed 80 km/h, load capacity 150 kg.
    Shifting gears is very easy as the clutch is automatic, you operate the gearbox with your left foot’s heel and toe.
    This bike is also used by many locals and it has earned it’s spurs all over West Africa.
    We realise you’re in Europe all used to the small wheel scooters nowadays, but those small wheels are not really suitable for the Gambian roads. A large wheel takes a hole or bump so much easier.

All our cars have petrol engines because that’s more reliable. The quality of the Gambian fuel is so poor that all diesels, sooner or later, get serious fuel injection trouble. Petrol engines are less vulnerable and cope better with this.
In terms of fuel economy you are much better of with a fuel efficient petrol engine than a diesel engine in a poor condition.

We have deliberately chosen for car models from the late 90’s because they have a good balance between comfort, quality and simplicity.
The motorbikes are purchased brand new.