Price list motorbikes

Just arrived! Brand new Cub motorbikes.

Feel the breeze and enjoy the ride!

Daily rent: D1.000 Refundable deposit D8.400 or €150 or GBP130

  • Allowed to ride with motorbike ànd car driving licence. A little experience riding a moped, scooter or motorbike is required.
  • Helmets included.
  • Suitable to carry 2 persons, total load capacity +/- 150 kg.
  • 110 cc, 4-speed semi-automatic, top speed 80 km/h, 50 mph. Shifting gears is very easy as the clutch is automatic, gears up/down is toe/heel operated (with your left foot).
  • No km limit, ride as much as you like!
  • Comprehensive insured. *
  • Roadside assistance within the triangle Banjul-Brikama-Kartong. *
  • Area of use: within The Gambia

We realise you’re all used to the small wheel scooters in Europe, but those small wheels only work on smooth tarmac. These full size wheels go much easier over bumps and holes, that’s why 🙂

* T&C’s apply