Sanyang Paradise Beach


Destination type: beach with several beach bars, accomodation and small fish market

Sanyang Paradise Beach

The 4.8km wide curve of finely grained Pelican, Osprey and Paradise Beach (jointly known as Sanyang Beach), was already drawing tourists to the area when the adjacent settlements were still far off the tourist trail.
It is considered by many to be one of the best beachfronts in The Gambia, and which seems to have escaped much of the earlier coastal erosion.
South of the fish centre the seafront is at its most remote and deserted, backed by inland lagoons fringed with mangroves.
The Sanyang International Cultural Festival in January each year includes 4 days of contemporary and traditional world music, cultural dance, a tourism fair, African cuisine, kid’s games, arts and crafts. If around, don’t miss it!

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